Fall Has Arrived

Those two words that every Mom dreads and that make every Dad’s eyes glaze over….Football Sunday. I have nothing against football and enjoy the whole spirit of the sport, but I am highly entertained about how ridiculous men, particularly my husband, get over the games. Don’t they know that the little men in the TV cannot actually hear them yelling directions and heated commentary at the top of their lungs? And my husband is the ultimate nerd – captain, yes captain of the Fantasy Football team (love you, honey.) The Droid has been carried with us many places and carefully watched to help guarantee a timely “trade.” Time has been artfully carved out so that “the draft” is an uninterrupted process. I would be annoyed if I weren’t so secretly amused.

I am not sure what it is about Football that translates into men getting to sit on the couch for hours while everything else including the kids magically gets taken care of around them, but it seems to be a time honored tradition. Or my favorite….whatever my husband can do to contribute from the couch without actually moving or with a big screen TV within view so he can claim he has been helping. Ladies, you know what I am talking about. And if we do have to leave the house, he finds some way to turn it on or listen to it wherever we are as if we don’t notice. Well, you gotta love them….but can you just imagine – “Dear, I’m going to sit on the couch for a few hours and enjoy a Gilmore Girls marathon, can you just take care of everything for a few hours?” When H-E-double hockey sticks freezes over. Go Bears!