Mickey Mouse Cheese from Sargento
With 7 grams of protein and 20% of RDA of calcium per serving, I am a big fan of these kid-friendly Mickey Mouse shaped white and yellow American cheese snacks.  My 3 and 7 year old both request them frequently and I am happy to oblige.  Pair these with some grapes and strawberries for a quick and nutritious toddler dinner in a pinch.  Available at Wal-Mart for only $1.88.
Juice Pals

My 3-year-old was constantly squeezing his juice box and squirting it all over him, the car, and the floor.  Tears would then ensue.  Complete problem solver.  Awesome.  I have three of them of these from "One Step Ahead" and they fit both juice boxes and Capri Suns.

Basic H

This little 16 oz bottle creates an unbelievable 48 gallons of super-safe, really powerful, all- purpose cleaner.  It can be mixed in different proportions for window cleaner or degreaser, too.  I never have to worry about my baby crawling on a recently cleaned floor or eating off a chemically treated high chair tray – this is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendly and cleans like no other!  I use it on EVERYTHING – wood floors, bathrooms, my car, the kitchen, etc.  Click Here to Buy

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

I had some put some name brand baby lotion on my newborn a couple months ago, and she broke out in a rash on her face for several days before I figured it out.  I had assumed it was baby acne.  Cetaphil cleared it right up.  When my son was two, he had some irritated bumps on his legs that did not seem to go away – Cetaphil cleared that up, too.  It seems whatever the strange skin irritation, Cetaphil works wonders on my kids.  I even use it for my own facial moisturizer in an emergency between Shaklee shipments.

Food Storage Containers

I have heard that you can use ice cube trays for homemade baby food, but I love these convenient 2 or 4 oz storage containers also from One Step Ahead that are freezer friendly and microwaveable.  I can tote them anywhere nicely and neatly and feed Claire straight from the container.