Homemade Baby Food - Is It Worth It?

September 3, 2011

I was determined to save money and be healthy by making my own baby food this time around. Sure, I initially invested $29.95 in a Baby Mill and about $10.00 in freezer/microwave safe containers, but I told myself they would more than pay for themselves in no time. Well, the first month has been great – I just put fresh or frozen fruit/vegetables in the Baby Mill and add water depending on the food’s hardness and “turbo” away. I did learn the hard way that I do have to cook some of the food first (I primarily boil) depending on what it is.

Today, though, when the lid on the Mill got stuck once again, I must have "tapped" a little too hard on the counter because it shattered. Now what? I decided to try using my larger food processor which was a pretty decent model when I received it for a wedding gift several years ago. Blessing in disguise! Now only did it work wonderfully, but let me process larger amounts of food at once - bonus.

4 small bananas - $0.69 = 5 servings of food

1/3 bag of large frozen mixed vegetables and a few tablespoons of water - $0.67 = 6 servings of veggies

11 servings of food for $1.36, not too shabby as the same would have been $5.99 at the store.

Lesson learned: Definitely a money saver, but if you have a decent food processor, baby gadgets not necessary.