One Fine Morning........

September 7, 2011

See this little guy to the left squeezing his baby sister? Cute, huh? Don’t be fooled….try to get this moody little worldwind ready in the morning when he is tired and you’re attempting to get out the door:

8:30 – 9:15pm night before – Owen continuously gets up and insists he is not tired; voice cracks and is obviously tired.

5:55am – I am getting out of the shower. He comes and lays outside the bathroom door with his stuffed lamb (“Lamby”) and whines tiredly that it is morning time and he wants to watch cartoons. I scoop him up and tell him it’s too early to get up and he starts to cry. Still in my towel, I try to put him back in his bed and lay with him.

6:10 – 6:30am – Owen continues to cry again to go out on the couch. Claire starts fussing to be fed, so I settle for putting Owen in bed next to my soundly sleeping husband and he falls asleep. I heat up a bottle and pick Claire up to feed her. She starts smiling excitedly to see me and I realize she will now be getting up this early, too. Feeling like a negligent mom, I pop in a Baby Einstein DVD so I can get ready. Owen hears the music and now gets up for good requesting yogurt and juice. I am still in my towel.

7:10am – I have managed to put on make-up, dry my hair, get myself and the kids dressed, pack my bag, get snacks for Owen, remember the check and extra diapers for the sitter, grab breakfast to go all in the course of 40 minutes. I am not quite sure if my clothes match, but I have given it my best shot given the nanosecond I had to look in the mirror. I am trying to leave when Owen bursts into tears about wearing his new shoes. He wants flip flops. But it is too cold I tell him – don’t you want to wear your new shoes you picked out? Noooooo………..sniff, sniff…yes. I reach for socks. Nooooo….I don’t want socks. Okay fine.

7:23am – Actually trying to exit through door. Car is pre-packed. Claire in one hand, breakfast in the other. Mommy, wails Owen, I need socks. Sigh. I put Claire down and get him socks.

7:26am – Really leave this time. My loving husband gets up and comes out to say good-bye.

8:04am – Arrive at work. Battle #1 down, and now on to what I get paid to do…….